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World's largest underwater theme park


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An archipelago of 33 islands with 161 kilometres of coastline, Bahrain is the only island country in the GCC. As
part of its ongoing National commitment to conservation and safeguarding the environment, the Government
of Bahrain is developing an underwater theme park of approximately 100,000m2 which will have a fully
submerged Boeing 747 aircraft as its centrepiece.

This will be the first underwater park with such an iconic structure of this magnitude at its centre. Its unique
aesthetics, setting and experience will attract widespread interest. Additional objects, such as ships, a pearl
merchant's house, sail structures and artificial reef balls, will be installed to provide a habitat for marine life and
to offer a more complete attraction.



First 747 and largest aircraft ever to be used as an artificial reef
First time a 747 will be dismantled and transported by road through a city to the port for loading

First aircraft to be used as a reef which will have been processed in an truly eco-friendly and pollutant free manner

First time a dismantled 747 has been transported long distances on a barge
First time a 747’s wings were removed employing methods designed to re-attach them in the same manner as the manufacturer used when the aircraft was originally manufactured
First time any aircraft will be positioned at a “nose-up” angle to maximize coral growth in shallower waters and to enhance the experience for novice divers/snorkelers who cannot dive to the full 20 meters plus depth
First time an aircraft has been structurally modified prior to submersion to enhance the dive experience and maximize diver safety
First time any aircraft has been installed on bespoke foundation on the seabed, and whose foundations themselves are designed to enhance marine habitat and diver experience


The underwater theme park is intended to cover an area of 100,000m2. This will be the first underwater park with an iconic figure of this magnitude at its center; the logistics of it will be theatrical and attract exposure.

Given that the park covers a large area and has several attractions, more than one dive can be conducted to explore its unique features.




A. 26°36'1.711"N 50°58'24.81"E

B. 26°36'1.72"N 50°58'36.237"E

C. 26°35'51.434"N 50°58'36.262"E

D. 26°35'51.446"N 50°58'24.805"E